With JR Line from Haneda Airport to JR Koiwa
Take the Keihinkyuko(京浜急行) train for Takasago(高砂) or Aoto(青砥) No.1or No.2       platform.(One ticket is ¥503)
Get off Asakusabashi(浅草橋) station, change the train (Yellow line) to JR Asakusabashi
(platform No. 2).(One tickt is¥230)
Get off at Koiwa(小岩)station the 6th stops. And walk out the South Exit Take the Sun road.
From JR Tokyo (東京)Staton JR Koiwa (小岩)Station 
Take the trains from platform No.3 or No.4 (Yamanote line 山手線、or Keihintohoku line 京浜東北線)
and get off at Akihabara(秋葉原) Station then change the train take platform No.6(Sobu line 総武線).
Get off at Koiwa(小岩) Station. It's 7th stop station. Walk out the South Exit.
Take the Sun Road(サンロード).  One tickt ¥230. Please check the map.
 With Bus from Haneda Airport to JR Koiwa Station
There are buses from Haneda Airport to JR Koiwa station.
If you would arrive at Terminal-1 or Turminal-2, you take a bus from No.6 bus stop.
If you would arrive at International Turminal, you take a bus from No. 5 bus stop.
Both of themarival story. You would arrive at JR Koiwa No. 0 bus stop.
Take the Sun Road(サンロード)
Time table
 With Keisei Line from Narita Airport
Take the Keisei Limited train and chageto Lpcal at Keisei Yawata (京成八幡) Station.
Then get off Keisei Koiwa(京成小岩) Station and walk out the South Exit.
(One ticket is1,131)
Take the Shibamatakaido(柴又街道) turn left on the corner and go straight ahead.

 From Narita Airport to JR Koiwa(小岩) Station
Take the JR Rapid (Blue line)train at Narita Airport Station and get off at Ichikawa (市川)Station.
Change to Local(Yellow line) train (platform No.1).
Get off at the next station Koiwa (小岩) then walk out the South Exit.
Take the Sun Road (サンロード). Please check below the map.
(One ticket is 1.280yen)
You can see a Seven Eleven(7-11)shop, the 2nd traffic lights on the Sun Road.

Our Ryokan is behind that shop.

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